The Trend Setters

Cool, Contemporary, Classy

Remember when Dorothy’s world turned from sepia to full Technicolor?
The event furniture hire industry has been through a similar transformation.
We just got groovy, baby.

Sofa hire. Coffee table hire. And definitely conference chair hire used to mean dull and predictable 🥱

Now event and party furniture hire staples have had an injection of oomph.

Colours have depth. Shapes are curvy. Fabrics are tactile and simply delicious.

Of course, everything is bang on trend. It’s where we get our inspiration. We can’t afford not to keep up with where interior design trends are right now.

“We’re used to seeing the latest looks every time we have an evening out in a bar or restaurant or stay in a fashionable hotel,” “Their designers take full advantage of the latest in lighting, bars, seating and floors and our clients expect to be able to create spaces for their events that are just as exciting and vibrant.”

Event hire companies must be able to offer furniture that represents the nature of their clients and the image they wish to portray as a business in this industry today.

Their guests must be able to walk through the doors and instantly know the story that’s being told. Has the host invested in creating an outstanding space? Can you feel the quality in that room? There should be no need for a conversation: the choice of location, lighting, furniture and food should tell the story.

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12 in. Ceramic Table Lamp in Off-White